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There is one, very simple rule – all You have to do is shoot down all enemy units before they shoot You!


Bonuses are something that will help You stay alive and blow up more tanks with more fun and less time.


↑, ↓, ←, →- tank sterring
Space, P- shot
G, 0 (zero)- missile, TNT, mine deploy
W, S, A, D- 2nd player tank sterring
Q- 2nd player shot
1- 2nd player missile, TNT, mine
ESC- pause menu
F11- take a screenshot
TAB- show scoreboard

If You want to play on the gamepad, You must connect it before You start the game.

How to insert player in lobby? Just click Free Slot, then shoot with device You want to use.

Shortcuts list for cheating in map editor tests

Only available for full version of the game.

SHIFT + 1- additional fire
SHIFT + 2- additional missiles
SHIFT + 3- additional TNT
SHIFT + 4- additional mine
SHIFT + 5- additional shield
SHIFT + 6- additional life
SHIFT + B- better traction
SHIFT + S- strong fire
SHIFT + O- shield fot TT flag
SHIFT + A- armagedon
SHIFT + L- flashbang
SHIFT + F- freezer (electromagnetic pulse)
SHIFT + I- immortality

Game modes

More than 10 different game modes with additional maps will give You and Your friends in cooperative mode more fun than any other arcade game! The variety of tasks provides hours of additional entertainment.


Exactly 50 maps with different types of difficulty with one simple order: shoot overyone down and do not get killed! It seems easy but it is not... Try!


There is 50 maps where You can show who's the best by surviving each wave which will be bigger and bigger.

Time Shift

Use different time speeds to destroy all enemies with only one life. Slowly make deadly tactics and execute them fast.


Watch out for Your TT ball and at the same time try to shoot down enemy ball! Seems easy?! So what are you waiting for?

Capture The Flag

Kidnap enemy TT and bring it to Yours. Watch out to not lose it on the way or that Your opponent does not kidnapped Yours!


Hello 47, we have set the target you have to kill. It's marked so there will be no problem with identification. But be careful, the target can change faster than You may think. It may even be that now you are the target!


Stay on the map as long as You can. The last one alive wins!


The battery on a map shows only for few seconds, then she dissappears and changes position. Your objective is to charge points of Your team faster than the opponents will do it. Of course You can shoot to them!

King Of The Hill

You have to move into the area called "hill" and fill the counter as You can. Team who first reach the limit wins.

Death Match

Classic and well known mode. Frags limit or time limit? It doesn't matter. First You need to decide if You want to play in team or single. We wish You many frags!


There is a ball. When You hold it – counter rises. Kill oponent who holds the ball and keep it as long as You can to win the match!


10 collectable achievements which will give You more satisfaction from the game!

Long Distance

Driven more than 100 kilometers.


Total kills count is more than 1000.


More than 500 deaths.


You have used all types of bonuses.

Bot Challenge

6 bots on the stage.


Won every one of 50 maps in Campaign mode.


Survived every one of 50 maps in Horde mode.


Played Co-op with a friend.


Spend 1 hour in combat.

Time Master

First win in Time Shift mode.

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